Recommended Dog Collars

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Interested in buying a nice dog collar to match the personality of your dog or just to use as a super functional walking apparatus?

Below I have outlined some things to consider when deciding on the perfect collar for your dog’s neck.

There will be many factors at play when searching and ultimately finding the best collar for your dog.

Disclaimer: I want to go on record to state that I recommend buying your dog a body harness for walks or hikes of any kind. This way they don’t pull and restrict their breathing along the way.

For me, a collar is an accessory. An accessory with benefits, of course. This is the place where you hang those handy “please return if found” credentials.

You first need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your dog sleep in a collar?
  2. What type of material do you prefer the collar to be made from?
  3. What size is your dog and are they finished growing?

Start with these in mind and then we can move along accordingly.

These Are the Top 3 Dog Collars

Why I Picked the Black Rhino Dog Collar

  • Comfort. The inside of the collar is soft and padded that ensures your dog will not get any irritations on their neck due to excess rubbing or weathering of the collar.
  • Size. What I really like about the Black Rhino collar is that it grows with your dog. The collar itself is thicker in width than other collars but this is a feature and not a bug, in my opinion. This allows for you to have a little more control and stability when utilizing the collar for walks or control.
  • Price Point. This collar is not the cheapest option available but it’s also far from the most expensive dog collar. Oftentimes, you get what you pay for. But in my opinion, the Black Rhino is the best overall bang for your buck.

Features to Look For In a High Quality Dog Collar

  • Durability. You don’t want to risk your dog’s collar breaking mid downtown walk in the middle of a crowded street. Durability is critical to the ongoing safety of your dog when they’re on a leash.
  • Functionality. Do all the bells and whistles have a purpose? Do you use the handle or Velcro patch? If not, don’t waste your money on a tactical collar. You want one that’s functional for your every day use and needs.
  • Weatherproof. Especially if your dog wears the collar 24/7. You need a collar that can literally weather the storms. Fitting your dog with a collar that is at the bare minimum water resistant will increase the life of that particular collar.

“I’ve always been the type to buy a collar based on aesthetic purposes only. I initially wasn’t a fan of the way the Black Rhino collar looked, but I have to say, the ease of use and overall functionality of this collar is a game changer. I’ve already bought 3 more for friends with dogs.”

-Tori K.

Some Places to Begin Your Search

Chewy is one of the best online resources available today that will have the best variety of dog collars available to you.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for there, then I recommend trying Amazon.

This is where I always start.

As with any review or recommendation you come across online, be sure to research it yourself before purchasing anything.

Don’t necessarily always go with the cheapest versions or the first good blog post you read.

You know your dog better than anyone! Shop accordingly.