The Best Prong Collar For Dogs: Review and Guide

Dogs need exercise just as much as humans do, but it can be tough to teach your dog to walk on a leash if your pooch is easily excited by its surroundings. It’s even tougher to take aggressive dogs on a walk because they can be such a huge danger to other pets and people.

To keep your dog from dashing forward every time they see a cat, squirrel, or another animal, you should get the best prong collar for dogs.

These collars are specially designed to cause discomfort to your dog when they yank too hard on the chain. With this effective training tool, your dog will behave well with time and your daily walks will become more rewarding for both you and your pet.

Best Prong Collar For Dogs: Top 5 Choices

A prong training collar is much better than other types of training collars because they can help nip bad behaviors in the bud without physically harming your dog. You don’t have to hit or scream at your dog just to get them to behave, and these prongs are not sharp enough to cause pain. It’s one of the best obedience training tools for stubborn or aggressive dogs.

There are quite a few different types of prongs available on the market. In this guide, I’m going to take a look at some of the best prong collar for dogs you can buy.

1. The Hamilton Pet & Equine Prong Training Dog Collar

These prong collars by Hamilton Pet are ideal for large dog breeds of about 70 pounds. The collar is also perfect for dogs with aggressive tendencies or that struggle to control their urges.

The collar has 9 pointed prongs that are smoothed but uncapped. These prongs are ideal for more aggressive types of animals or hard feeling animals like pit bulls or bull terrier dogs because they don’t have caps on the edges. The edges are smooth and flat so they won’t injure your dog but they will cause a bit of pain when your dog aggressively launches at other dogs.

The prongs are connected with a detachable chain with a circular ring where you can hook the leash onto. The harder the dog pulls the tighter the choke collar will become. Your dog will feel more discomfort as the collar tightens.

This collar has removable links so you can adjust the size of the collar for a perfect fit. It isn’t the easiest collar to get on and off your dog but it will last many years. It’s important to assemble the collar correctly or it can come apart if the dog suddenly yanks with too much force.


  • Weight: 6.4 Ounces
  • Size: Various sizes
  • Dog Breed Compatibility: Various dog sizes
  • Prong Size: 3.2 Millimeters
  • Prong Tips: Uncapped metal
  • Pointed End Qty: 9
  • Main Materials: Steel
  • Adjustability: Add or remove prongs to lengthen
  • Closure Type: Chain with loops


  • The choke collar is perfect for training aggressive dogs
  • Bare metal prong spikes cause more discomfort so strong-pulling dogs will start to pay attention
  • You can order replacement links to make the collar longer
  • The chain links are made from durable materials
  • It’s a comfortable leash when the dog doesn’t yank on it
  • It’s a good size for medium to large dog breeds
  • The blunt prongs won’t cut into your dog’s skin


  • The collar is hard to put on or take off
  • Needs to be assembled right or it will loosen and fall off
  • Too big for smaller dog breeds

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2. The Coastal Titan Prong Training Dog Collar

The Costal Titan prong collar is ideal for strong pullers because it’s constructed with 11 prongs that can cause discomfort. These prong tips are uncapped so they will cause slightly more pain but the edges are smooth to keep your dog from getting injured.

The prongs are ideal for wiggly dogs that are tough to control. The quick-release buckle allows you to easily snap it on or off your dog. The more the dog pulls away, the tighter the collar will become. As the collar tightens, the dog will feel more discomfort. Your dog will learn not to yank on the leash in no time at all.

To get a proper position for your prongs, you should adjust them to the right size. The prongs have removable links that you can take out for a firmer fit. You can also buy additional links to make the collar suitable for bigger dogs.

This pair of prongs is bound to last a lifetime because they’re made from strong steel chrome materials.


  • Weight: 1.6 Ounces
  • Size: 18 Inches
  • Dog Breed Compatibility: Medium-sized dogs
  • Prong Size: 3 millimeters
  • Prong Tips: Un-capped blunt prongs
  • Pointed End Qty: 11
  • Main Materials: Chrome metal with argon weld
  • Adjustability: Add or remove links to change the size
  • Closure Type: Quick-release snap with chain


  • The prong is made of high-quality materials
  • Tough 3mm links won’t bend
  • You can adjust the size of the collar to find the perfect size
  • The choke collar automatically tightens if your dog pulls
  • Good neck size for larger dogs
  • Perfect for reducing bad behavior on walks
  • The rounded prongs won’t cause injuries


  • Prongs can come loose if not used right
  • The prongs can be challenging to remove
  • Hard pulling dogs can yank the prongs apart
  • Not available in different sizes

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3. The Agecash A Prong Training Dog Collar

These prongs by Agecash are perfect behavior specialists because they’re available in a variety of sizes. The quick-release buckle also makes it very easy to get them on or off a busy dog.

With these prongs around your dog’s neck, they’ll learn to walk properly in no time at all. The prongs are made with 11 point links that have capped edges. These edges are capped to keep the dog from injuring themselves or to provide the dog with a more comfortable fit without making them afraid of the collar.

The correction collar is designed with a metal buckle that can quickly release from the dog’s neck or snap onto it. Two D-links connect the buckle to the prongs and are clipped together in your lease to keep the buckle from opening.

Unlike the other two collars on this list, this one is not a choke chain collar. The collar stays the same diameter no matter how much the dog pulls, but if your dog does pull lightly, the rubber tips will cause discomfort.


  • Weight: 6.4 Ounces
  • Size: S(9.6 – 12.6 Inch), M(12.6-17.6 Inch), L(15.6 – 18.6 Inch), XL(17.6 – 20.6 Inch)
  • Dog Breed Compatibility: Various dog breeds from 30 – 90 pounds
  • Prong Size: 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, and 4mm depending on the size
  • Prong Tips: Rubber caps
  • Pointed End Qty: 11
  • Main Materials: Metal
  • Adjustability: Adjustable links
  • Closure Type: Quick release metal buckle


  • The collar comes with 11 metal prongs
  • You can add or remove prongs for a custom fit
  • Ideal for training sessions
  • The collar is easy to put on or take off
  • It will automatically tighten when your dog pulls
  • The training tool reduces aggressive behavior
  • You can buy extra links to lengthen the collar
  • It’s ideal for medium to large dogs
  • The rounded prongs won’t damage your dog’s neck


  • The prongs are tough to remove
  • It will snap off if the prongs are not installed correctly
  • It might be a bit light for extra-large 70-pound dogs
  • Not available in different sizes

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4. The Mayerzon Prong Training Dog Collar

These prongs by Mayerzon are a good alternative for teaching relatively calm dogs to walk properly. The collar prongs have rubber caps to keep the dog from feeling too much pain. This collar has only 9 pointed links but it’s still good enough to train non-aggressive dogs to walk properly.

The collar won’t choke your dog because it has a fixed size. It will only cause discomfort if your dog yanks on the leash.

You can get these prongs for any type of dog’s neck because they’re available in a huge variety of sizes. The links can also be removed by using pliers to get a better fit.

The prongs are made from durable, high-quality materials.The nylon section of the collar won’t last quite as long as the rest of the collar but can still last a very long time.

This collar is very easy to put on because it has a quick-release metal buckle. This buckle is also made of high-quality chrome-plated steel. On the edges of the nylon fitting, there are two D-links that you clip together in your leash to keep the buckle secure.


  • Weight: 14.39 Ounces
  • Size: S(17.7 Inch), M(19.7 Inch), L(21.6 Inch), X-L(23.6 Inch), XXL(25.6 Inch
  • Dog Breed Compatibility: Regular to king-size dogs
  • Prong Size: 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 millimeters depending on the size
  • Prong Tips: Rubber caps
  • Pointed End Qty: 9
  • Main Materials: Chrome plated stainless steel
  • Adjustability: Remove or add prongs to adjust
  • Closure Type: Durable metal buckle


  • A good training tool for first-time walkers
  • The pinch collar reduces unwanted behavior on walks
  • The rubber tips protect your dog’s skin
  • Much better than shock collars
  • It’s made of quality materials
  • The quick-release buckle is ideal for collaring high energy dogs
  • A variety of sizes are available
  • Two D-links are clipped together to keep the buckle shut


  • Be careful to buy the right size according to your dog’s weight
  • A tool like pillars is needed to get the prongs off
  • The nylon strap might become worn out before the prongs

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5. The Luffwell Upgraded Adjustable Prong Training Dog Collar

This is one of the most effective collars for training a growing dog because the neck size is very easy to adjust.

This deluxe adjustable prong training collar is available in a wide range of sizes, and if you need an affordable price then you should consider the pair with a plastic buckle. There are 9 pointed end prong links and these links can be removed to create the perfect fit. You can also adjust the length of the nylon straps if you don’t want to remove the links.

With the click-lock buckle, you can easily put the collar on or take it off. The rubber tips on the prongs do make them a little bit more comfortable to wear. These prongs are not suitable for choking dogs (something that might be necessary for extremely aggressive dogs) but they will still be good for training dogs that are relatively calm.


  • Weight: 6.8 Ounces
  • Size: S(14.3 – 17.7 Inches), M(18.9 x 23.6 Inches), L(22 – 25.6 Inches), and XL(21.6 – 27.5 Inches)
  • Dog Breed Compatibility: Various dog breeds
  • Prong Size: 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 Millimeters
  • Prong Tips: Rubber caps
  • Pointed End Qty: 9
  • Main Materials: Nylon strap, stainless steel buckle, stainless steel prongs
  • Adjustability: Add or remove links
  • Closure Type: Quick release metal buckle (plastic buckle also available)


  • The metal collar will last a long time
  • It has rubber tips to keep your dog from getting injured
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Ideal for reducing undesirable behavior
  • The nylon loop will last a long time
  • You can add or remove prongs to get a perfect fit
  • The quick snap buckle makes it easy to put the collar on or to get it off
  • You can get it in different sizes to suit different dog breeds


  • You need pliers to add or remove the prongs
  • Fabric parts are not as durable
  • Shorter fabric straps and more prongs would have been nice

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Buying Guide

The best prong collar for dogs all look pretty similar, which means you may have a tough time choosing the best one for your dog. To make it easier for you to decide, consider the following quick guide.

The Best For Aggressive Dogs

Aggressive, thick-skinned dogs are very hard to control when they go on a rampage. A cooling collar and sharper prongs are ideal for training tougher dogs that you might find hard to control.

I recommend the prongs by Coastal Pet. They’re made with high-quality stainless steel spikes and it’s a choke chain and prong in one. The quick-release snap also makes it easy to get them on a busy dog.

Alternatively, you could consider the prongs by Hamilton. They’re also great, but not quite as easy, to remove.

The Best For Growing Dogs

If you’re training a growing pup, then I recommend the prongs by Luffwell. They’re available in different sizes, the nylon straps can adjust so you can make the collar bigger as your dog grows, and the rubber edges will keep the prongs from causing too much discomfort.

The Best For Training Average Dogs

If you’re training average-tempered dogs to behave on walks, then I recommend that you consider the prongs by Agecash A or Mayerzon. Both of these have rubber caps that won’t hurt your dog and they’re available in different sizes. Just check the size chart to find the perfect collar.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this guide helped you find the best prong collar for dogs. If you’re also in the market for other great quality products, then you should have a look at some of my other guides where I compare other behavioral training tools for dogs.

Love you guys,


P.S. If you’re new to this world, you may want to check out my Ultimate Guide for First Time Dog Parents. It’s a great reference to get you started on this journey.


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