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Can My Dog is an online resource dedicated to dog parents as they wade through the nuances of taking care of their pups on a daily basis. This is a place answering common questions you may have about your dog or their behaviors. Can My Dog is best known for its publications around strange dog characteristics.

“We help people provide well for their dogs by offering an online resource answering their most pressing questions.”

And for the new dog parents, Can My Dog offers a comprehensive guide full of things to expect from picking out your puppy to living with it for years to come.

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Our Story

We started Can My Dog in October of 2019. The concept was simple and the intention was to offer educational content around humans and their dogs in a fun and original way – through the voice of a dog.

Jaxon Teller Barrier (JTB) is a Cocker Spaniel born on May 5, 2015. His parents are Leah and Summer. His younger sister is a Siberian Husky named Callie. All blogs are written through his voice, personal experiences, and personality.

We started this blog as a way to share our knowledge and answers to questions we’ve personally had along the way of raising and taking care of two dogs who couldn’t be more different. Dog parents have a lot to deal with and need help along the way just like human parents do.

We are dedicated to publishing the most helpful and most relevant content around dog issues that are available online today.

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We look forward to growing this community along the way!

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