Best Teething Toys for Husky Puppies

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Would you look at that? It seems we’ve landed upon another topic that proves just how particular a teething husky can be. Luckily for my humans, I’ve taught my husky sister the laid back and regal ways of the cocker spaniel so that they wouldn’t have to buy her a million chew toys before finding one that she couldn’t annihilate.

Which poses the question: What exactly are the best teething toys for husky puppies?

The best teething toys for husky puppies are those made out of quality materials, have high levels of durability, are long lasting, and are size appropriate for their mouths.

I am not a husky expert or a dog toy expert. However, I do have enough taste to be able to spot a lousy toy from a mile away. I also happen to have a husky sister who has a deep love for toys. So, maybe I am an expert. Nevertheless, continue reading at your own risk.

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Why Do Husky Puppies Need Teething Toys?

Tiny husky puppy playing with a huge red dog toy.

Much like the human babies, puppies have that painful period in their lives, usually around the age of 4 months old, where they start to teethe. For those new to the puppy scene, this period includes the intense replacement of baby teeth with adult teeth and molars. Fear not, humans, those woeful cries, sore gums, and sad eyes can be remedied with a good teething toy.

Toys also help to keep us dogs and pups entertained. Do you ever find yourself sitting for long periods, trying to convince yourself that you are content with all this…time? Does there eventually come a point when you realize that you’re actually just incredibly bored?

Well, just like you seemingly cognitive humans get bored, so too do your pets. Think about it, while you religiously dabble and poke around on your silver screens, your husky pup is just as much in need of stimulation to channel all of their energy.

This is where toys come in to play.

Reviews Of The Best Teething Toys For Husky Puppies

Kong Small Puppy Teething Toy

If you’ve never heard of Kong, I can’t believe you’ve ever actually owned a dog before.

Kong makes some of the best toys to chew on and destroy. The Kong Teething Toy is made from durable, long-lasting rubber that claims to be virtually indestructible.

Is that a challenge?

I could chew it to bits, place your bets.

But puppies would find it very difficult and could happily gnaw away at this toy for ages.

Main Features

  • Very durable
  • Available in various colors
  • Encourages proper chewing habits
  • Helps to soothe painful gums
  • This toy can be loaded up with some peanut butter or puppy treats for a heightened experience


  • You can also play fetch with this toy as its fun shape makes it bounce in different directions – entertaining the small minds of pups
  • It helps with weight management as it gives them something other than food to chew on


  • Can be tricky to clean the inside of the toy – but that’s a problem for the humans

Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

I always steal this bone from Callie when she gets tired of it, which, given her inability to focus for long periods of time, never requires too long of a wait for me.

An honest look at one of these bones, and you’ll quickly understand the pupper-appeal. The innovative design of these bones allow them to be healthy and powerful in the face of any particularly rough puppy bites.

The best part, is the built in feature where your human can attach a little treat on either end of the bone.

Not only is this a tasty consumption of your puppy’s time, but it also strategically utilizes their front and back teeth while simultaneously cleaning them.

Double the benefit and another excuse to get snacks.

Main Features

  • Created from an ultra-durable rubber that is suitable for sensitive gums.
  • Available in medium and large for the teenage to adult husky
  • Bone-shaped chew toy design


  • Goodie grippers for snacks and treats.
  • Comes with recommendations by vets all over the world in terms of safety – built in assurance.


  • As your husky grows bigger and becomes stronger, this bone will need replacing a little sooner than you may have hoped.

Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy

Although not the most original of names for a toy – I’m talking to you, Kong Marketing Team.

The Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy is quite honestly a personal favorite.

If running isn’t something your husky pup is in the mood for, these are also great simply by virtue of their fun chewability.

But let’s be realistic here. Has there ever been a time when a husky puppy didn’t want to run?

Main Features

  • Consists of durable natural rubber
  • This one also has the approval of worldwide vets
  • Available in small, medium or large.



  • As your husky puppy grows older and stronger, destruction of this toy is imminent.

Flossy Chew Cotton Blend Rope Tug

To avoid some of those unnecessary trips to the vet, it’s a good idea to invest in one of these Flossy Chew Rope Tugs.

Just the type of toy to kill two birds with one stone – not in the literal sense, of course. I’m a vegan dog – lest you forget.

Not only do these make for great chew toys to strengthen and work those jaws and teeth, but they also promote fresher breath and cleaner teeth.

This equates to an overall happier household. With this toy, your humans can’t complain about that delicious puppy breath.

Main Features

  • 25-inch cotton blend 3-knot rope tug
  • Suited to medium-large dogs, i.e. huskies
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Can be thrown in the washer when the dog saliva stench becomes too strong
  • The fibers of this toy serve a multipurpose function of letting your husky chew to their continued delight, all the while giving them an unsuspecting floss.


  • The knots may come undone but, like most knots, they can simply be re-tied again.
  • You may need to get something a little stronger if your dog is a strong chewer.

N-Bone Teething Ring

Finally something digestible for all parental concerns, the N-bone teething ring.

Packaged in pouches that include between 2-4 rings a pack, these are exceptional items to toss to a sad husky that has consumed the previous two.

These are ideal because they have the functionality of a chew toy while maintaining the tasty, digestible benefits of treats.

A great option for your teething husky.

Main Features

  • Eases painful gums
  • Edible and yummy
  • This item contains DHA Omega 3, which helps with healthy brain development.


  • These packs come in tasty flavors such as chicken.
  • They are made with additional calcium to encourage healthier teeth and bones.
  • Grain-free


  • As with most things puppy-related, this toy needs human supervision. If this ring breaks into large pieces, you dispose of the larger pieces to avoid having your husky pup accidentally swallow them.
  • Needless to say, these rings don’t last quite as long as rubber toys.

Nylabone Chicken Flavored Dinosaur Dog Chew Toy

The Nylabone Dinosaur Dog Chew Toy is the final item on my list of recommended options.

These tasty chew toys are a great help in teaching healthier chewing habits to your little husky pups.

Not only does the Nylabone ease the pain associated with the teething process and encourage good dental health, but it also helps to keep them busy and engaged.

Pro tip: Be sure you are choosing the right size for your puppy. Nylabone has a range that extends to much larger dogs. Pay attention to the size when you’re ordering online.

Main Features

  • Designed to include massaging nubs that rub easily over your puppy’s sensitive gums.
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Soothes the mouth and aides in the teething process


  • The dinosaur shape is excellent for the gently gnawing pups that are still getting the gist of the chewing thing down.
  • A flavored toy that maintains its flavor for extended periods of time.


  • These are not edible toys, so keep a close eye on your over-enthusiastic husky puppies.

Types of Toys for Husky Puppies

You should know that there are special husky dog toys that encourage exercise, mental stimulation, and engagement through sound, as well as your standard ol’ chew toys.

These toys can be anything from frisbees to regular tennis balls.

Squeaky toys are another excellent way to encourage both engagement and interaction. I employ this method when I’m not in the mood for Callie’s usual antics.

I’ll throw her one of these toys and nuzzle up in my couch nook, never to be heard from again.

There are also excellent puzzle toys that are great for mental stimulation, cognitive engagement, and physical enactment.

Click this link for more on understanding mental stimulation and behavioral boredom in your dog.


Chew toys are an absolute must-have for any household willing to entertain the prospect of adopting a husky puppy.

Otherwise, prepare for your entire house to be decorated in husky puppy destruction.

Not a good look. Trust me.

A note to the older dogs around the world, you will notice a dramatic shift in parental favoritism during your younger sibling’s teething phase that works to your advantage – even though your humans will swear that they “love you both equally”.

That’s all for now, humans. I’ll leave you to your husky teething toy shopping.

And as always, continue to Live, Love, Laugh, and Scratch our bellies often.

Love you guys,


P.S. If you’re new to this world, you may want to check out my Ultimate Guide for First Time Dog Parents. It’s a great reference to get you started on this journey.

Black and white husky laying in the dog park chewing on a stick.

Related Questions

How To Keep Siberian Huskies Entertained

Siberian Huskies are high energy dogs and require at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day.

Because of their predisposition to have lots of energy, if left sedentary for too long, huskies will become bored and then destructive.

How can you mitigate the risk of boredom and keep your Siberian Husky entertained?


Keep you husky entertained by providing your husky with mentally stimulating toys scattered around the house when you’re gone and ensuring that you take your husky on a walk or to the park every day for at least 30 minutes of physical exercise.

That’s it.


It’s that simple.

What Can I Give My Puppy For Teething?

Just like a teething human baby, puppies experience sore gums when they’re teething.

In order to offer some form of comfort to them, be sure that you give them size appropriate chew toys.

These toys can be ordered online from a retailer like Chewy, or bought at your local pet store.

However, one of the best things you can give your puppy who is teething is a frozen wash cloth.

Wet a couple of wash cloths and throw them all in the freezer.

Keep a fresh one out for your puppy to chew on. The cold temperature of the wash cloth will help with any swelling while temporary numbing your puppy’s gum pain.

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