What is Pet Boarding? 

As pet owners, we see our furry friends as an essential part of the family, and as such, we want to provide them with the best care possible.

This is why we find it so difficult to leave them behind when we have to go away. Sometimes it is possible to bring them with us, but other times it isn’t. So we then need to arrange for someone to take care of them for us.

When it comes to your pet, you may want to consider using the services of a good pet boarding facility. If you haven’t used this form of pet sitting before, you may be wondering what is pet boarding?

This article will explain a little about what pet boarding services can offer you as responsible pet owners.

Pet boarding facilities do more than keep your pet safe. They provide a high level of pet care that is the same as you provide to your pet.

They don’t just provide a place for your dog to stay and give them everything they need, i.e., food, water, and shelter. Good pet boarding facilities also ensure that your pet is also active and happy.

what is pet boarding

The Basics of This Kind of Boarding Service

These facilities are designed to provide housing for your dog for an extended period of time. You should be aware that there is a difference here in relation to, say, pet kennels. They provide the kind of boarding environment that isn’t far off from the sort of home where they live.

When it comes to such boarding arrangements, you will find the area where your pet stays is much larger. Also, in many cases, they come with an indoor suite where your dog can stay when the weather turns bad or where they can sleep safely at night.

Also, in such facilities, they will offer additional services that will make your dog feel more comfortable and relaxed. With this kind of boarding care, your dog is provided with a soft, comfortable bed and plenty of toys. They will also enjoy plenty of daily playtime outdoors and lots of social time with other dogs and humans.

All staff are highly-trained at these types of boarding accommodations and are experienced, pet lovers. Like you, they are people who will provide your dog with the best care they possibly can.

Throughout their stay, there are carefully monitored, 24/7 during their stay. Also, every one of your pet’s needs and desires will be attended to. As you can see, these are very responsible pet sitters.

Why Should You Choose These Types of Boarding Alternatives?

As responsible pet owners, we understand how stressful things can be when we leave our pets on their own or with strangers. It doesn’t mean that they need to be with us 24/7.

Unfortunately, choosing to arrange for your dog to stay in kennels or to have pet sitters come to stay in your home isn’t the right choice. They may not feel as comfortable as they should, even in familiar surroundings.

When you arrange for your dog to stay at a pet care service that offers boarding facilities, they find it a much more pleasant experience. They will still, of course, miss you, but they will be kept active, and as animal lovers, the staff will shower your pet with lots of attention.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from choosing to arrange for your dog to spend time in these boarding facilities.

Before you book your pet into one of these facilities, there are certain things to consider to ensure that your pet’s needs are met.

Things to Consider When Choosing Pet Boarding

How many other dogs does the facility allow to stay at any one time, and what is the staff to pets boarded ratio?

This is a clear indicator to show you the level of care and attention your dog will receive.

Do they take time to determine your dog’s needs and requirements?

This is something to consider, especially if your dog needs to take medication daily for any existing health conditions they may have. It is important to make sure that the staff at the facility are confident in administering such to your pet.

What kind of space will they be staying in?

Is there accommodation available that is suitable for different size dogs? Do they provide your pet with climate-controlled indoor/outdoor suites?

Are They Provided With 24-hour attention?

Is the facility one where there is staff on call 24/7 and what do they use to watch your pet throughout the night? Is this a facility where they’ve chosen to install security cameras to allow them to monitor your pet during their stay?

How Often Are The Facilities Cleaned?

You should choose a pet boarding facility to clean out your pet’s suite each day. Plus should also include facilities that, should another dog contract an infectious disease during their stay, it will need to be placed in quarantine.

So Why is Pet Boarding a Good Option?

Typically when we have to leave our pets alone and with strangers, they can become very stressed. While this means that you should never arrange to go away, you should be sensitive to their needs and feelings.

The staff will ensure that your pet is well cared for at such facilities throughout their stay. It is the kind of place that provides each pet boarder with a home away from home.

We hope you found this article interesting and that it has answered the question of what is pet boarding. Let us know what kind of pet boarding service you use for your puppy when you need to go away and how they enjoyed their time there.

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