Recommended Dog Leashes

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Interested in buying a new leash for your dog? Below I have outlined a few things to look out for when choosing the perfect one for your daily dog walking adventures.

A new dog parent might not necessarily understand the different needs for all the different types of leashes available in the market today. Oftentimes, it’s easy to “just pick one” based on sheer aesthetics.

Don’t do this.

It’s important to understand the breed of your dog.

  1. Are they pullers?
  2. Are they chewers?
  3. Are they high energy?

All of these weigh in on the type of leash you should buy your dog.

Sure. It can seem overwhelming at first, but I’ll outline my top choices for you below and explain what type of dog they’re best for and how they’ve worked for me and my husky sister.

These Are the Top 3 Dog Leashes For All Breeds

Why I Picked the Max and Neo Double Dog Leash

This Max and Neo leash is my go-to for all dog breeds and is the best over-all bang for your buck.

  • Walking in a crowded area? Perfect, just grab the lower handle for more control of your dog.
  • Is your dog a puller? Perfect, just grab the lower handle so your puller has much less leverage on you.
  • Does your dog attempt to chew on their leash or grab it trying to play during walk time? Perfect, just grab the lower handle and your dog won’t have the ability to get the leash in their mouth.

Features to Look For in a Quality Dog Leash

  • Size. You will not need a six foot leash for a dog under 50 pounds or a new puppy. Go for a much shorter one. The extra leash is just annoying.
  • Durability. A leash is often the one thing that keeps your dog away from danger and always the thing that gives you complete control. Ensuring that the leash is highly durable is critical to your dog walking adventures.
  • Immediate needs. What type of activities will you be doing most with your dog on a leash? Hiking? Running? Walking two dogs at once? Understanding the use case of your dog’s leash will help narrow down the options for you.

“My dog pulls SO much on our walks. It wasn’t enjoyable for me and it made me dread taking him anywhere. I purchased the Thunder Leash for the no-pull aspect. I have to say, it’s made all the difference in the world. Kiko reacts to the harness aspect and actually walks beside me most of the time now!”

-Matt O.

Some Places to Begin Your Search

Chewy is one of the best online resources available today that will have the best variety of leashes for your dog.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for there, then I recommend trying Amazon.

This is where I always start.

As with any review or recommendation you come across online, be sure to research it yourself before purchasing anything.

Don’t necessarily always go with the cheapest versions or the first good blog post you read.

You know your dog better than anyone!