Recommended Dog Food Containers

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Interested in buying a dog food container so you don’t have to keep digging into an open bag of stinky food every day, multiple times a day?

Below I have outlined some things to consider when deciding on the perfect storage container for your dog’s food.

While most people commonly use some form of plastic storage container, there’s more information needed and various factors at play when making one fit best for what you need it for.

You need to begin with a few questions. For starters:

  1. Where will you store the food?
  2. Size. How big is your dog’s food bag? Will it fit in the container and space allotted?
  3. When the container is full, how heavy will it be? Wheels may be a necessity for moving the container with ease.

Don’t overcomplicate the process, just be prepared. Nobody wants to be stuck with 7 dog food containers just because they didn’t think the process through.

Kind of defeats the purpose of organization, doesn’t it?

These Are the Top 3 Dog Food Containers

  • Simplehuman Dog Food Storage Container (Click to check current price on Amazon) – This dog food storage container is a top of the line product. It’s more expensive than the typical dog food container, but if modern sleek is your style, with a dash of user convenience – then Simplehuman is definitely the one you want.
  • IRIS Airtight Dog Food Container (Click to check current price on Chewy) – This container is my personal favorite and the one my humans use for me and my sister every day. They love the fact that it has wheels. Super convenient when you have to pull the container out of the closet and pour a big bag of food in there. It’s heavy at this point, which is why the wheels make it so great. Just effortlessly push it back into the closet. It’s also more affordable than the Simplehuman brand.
  • Harry Barker Classic Dog Food Storage Canister (Click to check current price on Chewy) – If you have a smaller dog who doesn’t require the use and storage of massive amounts of food. Or if you’re into aesthetics and will be keeping the dog food container on display in your kitchen, then Harry Barker is a must. Visually pleasing, easy to operate, and fits in with the rest of your kitchen décor.

Why I Picked the IRIS Airtight Dog Food Container

  • Price. The price point of this container is on the middle to lower end of affordability.
  • Functionality. The ease of movement because of the wheels is the literal tipping point my humans came to when choosing this one and continuing to use it on a daily basis.
  • Size. It’s me and my husky sister. We have a HUGE bag of food delivered to the house each month. It has to go somewhere. The IRIS container holds the entire bag which keeps our food fresh the entire time.

Features to Look For In a Quality Dog Food Container

  • Durability. Most things that you purchase for your dog will fall along the lines of needing to be durable to withstand the intended uses. Your dog food container is no different. You don’t want the container to get cracks, holes, or break with all your dog’s food inside.
  • Is it airtight? If you intend to store your dog’s dry food in this container for the duration of 3 weeks or more, this is a necessary feature. Dog food will stale (especially if you’re not buying the cheap crap – also, please don’t buy the cheap crap for your dog).
  • Transportability. Nobody wants an immovable object full of dog food. While the purpose of a storage container is to generally store food in the same place for long periods of time, you still may need to move the container. What if you need something sitting behind the container. Or like I mentioned above, what happens when you refill the container in the hallway and now need to move the heavy unit back into the closet? Wheels are a game changer!

“We recently upgraded our kitchen but still don’t have the cabinet space needed to store Tank’s food. So, I needed something that looked good with all of our updates. Tank is a small Miniature Pinscher so his food container didn’t need to be massive. The Harry Barker Canister was PERFECT. Nobody even notices it’s a container for dog food when they come to visit.”

-Kelly C.

Some Places to Begin Your Search

Chewy is one of the best online resources available today that will have the best variety of dog food containers available to you.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for there, then I recommend trying Amazon.

This is where I always start.

As with any review or recommendation you come across online, be sure to research it yourself before purchasing anything.

Don’t necessarily always go with the cheapest versions or the first good blog post you read.

You know your dog better than anyone! Shop accordingly.