Recommended Dog Bowls

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Interested in updating the bowls your dog eats out of? Below I have outlined a few things to consider before making a final decision on the perfect dog bowl.

After eating and drinking out of many different bowls (my human parent’s bowls included), I think I’ve finally narrowed down the best overall dog bowl.

The first and most important quality of a dog bowl is the amount of food or water it can hold. The second most important quality is the functionality. Your dog will struggle to eat or drink out of the bowl if there’s some strange lip around the edge that was thrown in for creative purposes only. So choose a good quality brand, and make sure you get the right size for both your dog and your kitchen.

The Dog Bowl Set I Personally Recommend

After lots of testing, mom wasting money on pretty bowls, and trying out every dog bowl out there, I finally have a good recommendation.  The dog bowl that I recommend for almost all dogs out there, and the one that I personally eat and drink out of every day, is the Brave Bark Wood & Metal Feeder – Premium Mango Wood Feeder with Metal Stand, and 2 Stainless Steel Bowls for Food or Water (available on

My human purchased the Brave Bark Wood and Metal Feeder because she thought it was important to have mine and my sisters neck and head in line with our spine while we ate our food.

What I like about the Brave Bark Wood bowl set is that it offers three different sizes based on the size of your dog and offers some aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. These bowls are heavy duty and highly functionable, and the price is reasonable for a very high-quality bowl set plus a stand.

These bowls can be stored in any room or office without that typical “dog food” look. My mom has ours sitting up next to a wall in the kitchen. Fits there perfectly.

My mom wasted tons of money buying inferior quality before she finally found these on Amazon. She bought the matching set (in a larger size) at the same time. I hope she never tries another set of bowls. I love these!

Features to Look For In Quality Dog Bowls

  • Size. This is a big feature. You need to properly size your dog’s bowls for their individual size. This goes for both size of the bowl and height of the stand the bowls are in. If you have two different dogs that are two different sizes, then you need two different sets.
  • Cleanliness. Not all dogs have manners when they eat or drink. Some slop food and water all over the place. You need to look for bowl set that make clean up easier. If the bowls are in a stand, is the top easy to wipe off or are there a lot of cracks and crevice’s to dip into?
  • Design and functionality. I’ve seen my fair share of low quality dog bowls and stands. The design and quality material is worth paying more for in the end. You’re not going to want to have to purchase new sets on a quarterly basis.

Tip: Don’t fill your dog’s water bowl up to the very top of the bowl. This gives them virtually no room to NOT make a mess and splash some out on the wall and floor. Instead, stop the water line about an inch from the top (depending on the size of the bowl). This gives your dog enough empty space to drink without it flapping out all over the place.

Places to Begin Your Search

Obviously there are countless places you can look for a new dog bowl set, but let me make it easier for you.

Chewy is one of the best online resources available today that will have the best variety of dog bowls available to you.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for there, then I recommend trying Amazon. As a matter of fact, this is exactly where my mom ordered my Brave Bark Wood bowl set.

Anyway, these two places are where I always start.

But with any review or recommendation you come across online, be sure to research it yourself before purchasing anything.

Don’t necessarily always go with the cheapest versions or the first good blog post you read.

You know your dog better than anyone! Shop accordingly.