Recommended Dog Beds

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Buying your dog a bed may seem pretty simple–just find one that looks comfortable and one your dog should probably be able to fit on; however, me and my sister are actually pretty picky about where we decide to lay for our naps. I highly recommend spending some time looking at what’s available on the market before just scooping up any old bed in any old store.

Most dog beds are not supportive enough for the type of deep sleeping and level of relaxation that I do on a daily basis. Often when I fall asleep on a dog bed, I wake up freaked out on the hard floor wondering where the safety net or guard rails were. 

However, there are some good dog beds on the market that I can recommend.  My favorite bed is PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, available on This bed has orthopedic memory foam, comes in multiple colors and sizes, has a medium firmness pillow, a waterproof liner (super important), breathable bed cover, skin contact safe, and comes with a 3 year warranty. These beds cost a little more, but they are absolutely worth it in my opinion. After all, this is my top pick.

I really like the cotton and polyester blend that PetFusion used on these beds. There is no mercury, lead, formaldehyde, or phthalates which I know gives my human parents a peace of mind. 

This really is an awesome bed.

Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs

If your dog is on the larger side, I recommend getting them the Furhaven Pet Large Chaise Bed (Orthopedic Foam), available on Amazon.

This bed comes in six different sizes and up to jumbo plus. We’re talking Great Dane occupancy here.

Let me be the first to say that this bed is not a good choice for the dogs with a hyper active jaw. In other words, the dogs that have a tendency to chew everything in site.

My sister is not the size of a Great Dane. She’s actually quite small for a husky, but she loves this bed. She curls up in the corner of it every day.

Best Dog Bed for Anxious Dogs

I personally have ridiculous amounts of anxiety and find myself sleeping with my parents more than on my dog bed; however some humans aren’t a fan of this.

If your dog suffers from anxiety and you’re looking for subtle ways to calm them down, especially when you can’t be home, then I recommend the Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut, available on Amazon.

This bed comes in four sizes and four colors.

Comes in a round shape that acts in such a way to literally cuddle your dog as they sleep.

This reduces anxiety, tension, and stress. Much the same way that a thunder jacket would for a dog who’s scared of storms or fireworks.

The covering is also machine washable. Major feature in my opinion when looking at any dog bed.

Top Features to Look For In a Quality Dog Bed

  • How easy is it to clean the cover? Let’s face it. Your dog may have an accident or get sick on their bed. Something may be spilled on the bed and you need to be able to clean it. Having a bed with a machine washable cover makes this that much easier.
  • Materials used. You need to be tuned into what materials are being used in the products your dog utilizes on a daily basis. If your dog is allergic to a certain material they could have skin related issues that could be overlooked and left untreated.
  • Size. Find a bed that fits the size of your dog is critical to the use case of the bed. If your dog is too big, it won’t be comfortable. If your dog is too small, they may have a hard time getting on and off the bed.

Best Places to Begin Your Dog Bed Search

Chewy is one of the best online resources available today that will have some of the best varieties of dog beds available to you.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for there, then I recommend trying Amazon.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly where my mom ordered my PetFusion dog bed and my sister’s Furhaven Chaise Bed.

Anyway, these two places are where I always start.

But with any review or recommendation you come across online, be sure to research it yourself before purchasing anything.

Don’t necessarily always go with the cheapest versions or the first good blog post you read.

You know your dog better than anyone! Shop accordingly.