Onyx and Rose Pet CBD Oil Review and Why I’ll Never Use Another Brand

Onyx and Rose Pet cbd oil bottle with box it was packaged in

I have severe anxiety. I also have extremely dry skin as a result of my seasonal allergies. Up until now, my humans were 0-372 with remedies and natural concoctions. My anxiety was undefeated, but now I’m winning. Enter stage right, Onyx and Rose pet CBD oil.

The Onyx and Rose broad spectrum pet CBD oil is manufactured in the United States, organically grown, 100% THC free, comes with a guaranteed analysis, and most importantly, lab tested by a third-party. The quality of their CBD oil is unparalleled and the benefits of consistently using this product are first rate.

I saw a noticeable difference within days.

+ Organically Grown Hemp

+100% THC Free

+Third-Party Lab Tested

+Broad Spectrum

+Manufactured in the USA

+Guaranteed Analysis

Disclaimer: The Can My Dog articles contain information based on the individual research and opinions of the author of the site – who just so happens to be a dog. How you utilize the information given is completely up to you. Proceed at your own risk.

Benefits of Using Onyx and Rose Pet CBD Oil

Dogs are notorious for suffering from all types of anxiety – separation anxiety, storm anxiety, social anxiety, general anxiety, etc…

We’ve been seeing a gradual rise in the use of CBD oil in a blanketed sense to comprehensively cover the anxiety gamut. The thing is though, the benefits of consistently using this oil doesn’t stop there.

The use of CBD oil has been extended to all pets, and we couldn’t be happier.

Now is probably a good time to enter a secondary disclaimer. I’m not a medical professional. I’m a cocker spaniel. This worked for me and these are my opinions.

In the Beginning…

I think the best way to help you understand the benefits Onyx and Rose pet CBD oil (this is not an affiliate link – just sharing the love for free) has to offer is to start from the beginning.

About 3 months ago I started getting the itchy sniffles again. This isn’t anything new, as I said before, I suffer from seasonal allergies. My eyes get more boogers than usual, my nose sneezes more, my skin begins to itch all over, and my paws start to smell like rotten Cheetos.

This is a normal pre-winter warm up for me, but for some reason, this round was insane. I couldn’t stop eating my right front paw. Then, all of this intensified when my humans had to go to work (enter my separation anxiety + my allergy issues).

The aggravation was compounded and I couldn’t handle it. I would go down the black hole of self destruction every day when they left.

My lips started swelling and I’m pretty sure I was getting a yeast infection in my paw that was spreading to my mouth because I absolutely couldn’t leave it alone.

To set the scene, here’s a picture of me feeling horrible, while my sister was attempting to love me back to health.

Sick dog laying with his husky sister on a bed
Husky sister, Callie, taking care of me.

Every day my humans would try to make it better and every day I was getting itchier.

Guess what was next…

The Vet Visit

I hate that place.

Don’t get me wrong, my doctor is ridiculously nice and it smells like the feeling of serenity and the joy of Christmas had a baby when you walk in, but I don’t care.

I don’t like when people look at my hurts and try to touch them.

Anxiety, people. I have anxiety.

I digress.

The doc sent us home with some medicated paw wipes and some natural oils that my humans proceeded to squirt in my mouth from a dropper. Didn’t love it, but it made me sleep better.

While the medicated wipes began to help the specific issue of my yeast-y feet, which then directly eased my uncontrollable urge to eat them into oblivion, the underlying factor was still an issue.

There aren’t enough medicated wipes in the world to cure a pup’s anxiety and seasonal allergies.

Onyx and Rose Pet CBD Oil to the Rescue

That’s when my mom finally caved and purchased my first bottle of Onyx and Rose Pet CBD oil.

Couldn’t hurt to try it, right?

Let me spare you the details and cut to the chase. It’s been 4 day since my oil came in the mail. I’ve had the recommended dosage for my body weight on a daily basis since then. I have had NO anxious behaviors and NO ITCHIES.

Can you believe that?!

Cured in 4 days.

This was something I had been struggling with for years and in 4 days of ingesting the bacon flavored magic juice, I feel like a new man.

Don’t believe me? I brought pictures.

The before picture was taken prior to my vet visit. Notice the gross blister looking things around my lips and below my nose. These weren’t fun and itched like a mother.

The second one was taken over this past weekend just 4 days after I started my CBD oil regimen, for a total of 12 days in between the pics.

I’m back to taking selfies again. Normal life ensues.

Before and after image of a dog using onyx and rose pet cbd oil for allergies

Now, let’s talk more about this CBD oil…

Human Grade CBD Oil

I wrote about the importance of your pet CBD oil being human grade in this post. Check it out if you haven’t already or if you need a bit more convincing before you take the CBD plunge.

Anyway, Haydn Schneider, one of the creators and owners of Onyx and Rose, recently posted a story on his Instagram page highlighting this very product.

Want to know what sold me immediately (regardless of all the wonderful success stories and top rated reviews)?

He (Haydn) taste tested the pet CBD oil for himself. Haydn is a human, if that wasn’t clear before. Needless to say, this is human grade and tasty even for you guys.

Call me biased, but I’m a firm believer that if my humans wouldn’t dare eat it, then I probably shouldn’t either. So the fact that humans can take this CBD oil (even though Onyx and Rose offers an awesome selection of human specific CBD oils) was a huge deal for me.

Excellent Quality

This company does an amazing job at delivering top of the line, quality products.

As I briefly mentioned above, their products are third-party lab tested. This is a huge deal. This is the type of due diligence you want done on any CBD oil product you decide to go with. If it’s not tested by a third-party lab, it’s harder to guarantee the ‘guaranteed analysis’ and specific oil composition.

Which brings me to the Guaranteed Analysis that Onyx and Rose places directly on the outside of their packaging for easy access and blatant readability.

They have nothing to hide and they want to make sure you can see and understand everything that’s included in the makeup of their CBD oil products.

Transparency and legitimacy. I love it.

Do not buy just any pet CBD oil product on the market. If you’re not going to buy Onyx and Rose, at least make sure the company is as transparent and as thorough as O+R is.

Incredible company made up by incredible people. I simply can’t say enough.

Again, I am not getting paid to write this. Haydn and Katy don’t even know my typing cocker self exists. I just want people to know how much their product has helped me in such a short amount of time.

Price Comparison

As if I couldn’t say enough about this company already, the Onyx and Rose Pet CBD oil is extremely cost effective.

Typical CBD oil products can surge upwards of a couple hundred dollars. While I understand the concept of ‘getting what you pay for’, I also understand the concept of eCommerce robbery.

The price of this product is another reason why I’ll never purchase another brand. When you can find a top quality product for an affordable price, it’s worth its weight in gold for me at that point.

And this, my friends, is pure gold.

Onyx and Rose’s ‘Paws a Moment Pet CBD Oil’ (see what they did there? ‘Paws‘ a moment. Brilliant) comes in a 250 mg class dropper bottle for $44, or save $5 by signing up for a reoccurring monthly shipment ($39.60).

Let me go ahead and save you the testing trouble – just sign up for the monthly shipment from the get-go. You’re going to want this on hand at all times.

Not to mention, the benefits of CBD oil comes from consistent and regular use.

I dare you to find a better quality pet CBD oil for the price. You can’t do it – it doesn’t exist.

The Best Way to Give the Oil to Your Dog

So, I’ve only tried 2 different methods, but there’s a clear winner in my book.

My mom will either squirt one dose directly in my mouth or squirt one dose directly on my food.

While the taste alone is amazing (bacon flavored), I have to say, I prefer it when she dribbles it all over my food. Gives it such a wonderful, down home, southern flare.

My sister, Callie and I have never been the type of dogs who run to our bowls waiting impatiently for our mom to hurry and put food in there.

But since she’s been adding the CBD oil to both of our bowls, we’ve started looking like the line at a Golden Coral after a high school football game.

Ravenous, I tell you. Like a wild animal.

Not that I’ve ever had a problem with finishing my food, but that’s not what we’re discussing here.

I’m telling you this part in case there are any pups out there who have lost their appetite, or are having trouble getting all of their food down.

If you guys are reading this, show your human mom so she can order this and start adding it to your food too. You won’t regret it. This stuff tastes delicious.

Other Possible Benefits of Taking Onyx and Rose Pet CBD Oil

Again, I’m only 4 days in on this bad boy and already reaping wonderful benefits. I can’t wait to see what else it does for me.

Other possible benefits that I know this CBD oil is capable of are as follows:

  • Help with age-related issues (sore joints, arthritis, general pain)
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Relief from all types of anxiety and stress (I know this from personal experience.)
  • Itchy skin and other skin conditions (This is from personal experience too.)
  • Minimize cancer symptoms
  • Relief from nausea
  • Increase appetite
  • Neurological disorders
  • And a vast array of others – click here for more general benefits of CBD oil for pets.

Want to know how I know these are all possible? Real life, real stories, real reviews posted right on their site. Not to mention the countless comments and @ mentions you can find on their Instagram page.

Go ahead, check them out for yourself right here if you don’t believe me.

The risk to reward ratio associated with consistent CBD oil use is 1 to 100 – if that.

I’ve yet to read, hear about, or have a bad experience due to the use of daily CBD oil dosages. If anything, I’m a way better dog boy for it. It’s saved my sanity and my skin in a short amount of time.

I’m an advocate – but, again, not an affiliate. I don’t want you guys to think this is all fluff because I’m making money off of this post. Rest assured that I’m making no money by giving my opinion here.

Because, quite frankly, it’s just that. My opinion. Take it or leave it.

*Whispers* I suggest you take it, though.

But as always, it’s important to consult your veterinarian before starting your dog on anything new. Gain some perspective, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to reach outside of the box when searching for healthy alternatives to help your dog.


Do what you want, people. But if you want my advice, and I feel like you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this entire review…

Get your dog some of this magic as soon as possible. You will both love it.

The flavor, the quality, the company, the branding, everything is heads above the other oils that are currently available on the market today.

Color me red and call me obsessed. It is what it is. I can’t say enough about this product.

The end.

Oh, one more thing, please continue to Live, Love, Laugh, and Scratch our bellies often.

Also, put CBD oil drops on our breakfast. 🙂

Love you guys,


P.S. If you’re new to this world, you may want to check out my Ultimate Guide for First Time Dog Parents. It’s a great reference to get you started on this journey.

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Is Pet CBD Oil the Same as Human CBD Oil?

If you’re using the highest quality of pet CBD oil available, then there will be no difference in your human CBD oil in comparison.

Your dog can consume your CBD oil as long as there is no traces of THC in yours. Again, your dog’s CBD oil should be human grade for the best results and trusted parties.

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Do Pet Stores Sell CBD Oil?

You can find an assortment of pet CBD products from oils, balms, gels, and chews at most pet stores nationwide.

Ensure that the ingredients are high quality, third party tested, organically sourced, and human grade.

And remember, pay attention to the dosage recommended per pound of body weight.

This article has been reviewed by our Editorial Board and has been approved for publication in accordance with our Editorial Policies.

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