How Do Huskies Show Affection?

Gray and white husky showing affection by hugging a woman on a brown couch

Huskies are some of the most affectionate of the dog breeds. This is an easily misinformed notion since they’re primarily generalized as more innate relatives of native wolves. However, husky human parents will attest that huskies show affection as much as any other dog breed.

Huskies show affection by being physical. Rubbing against or leaning against your legs, trying to cuddle with you on the couch, or even gently biting down on your hand as if they are holding it, are all signs of affection from your husky.

Maybe it’s because of their wolf-like appearance or the fact they are working dogs that pull sleds, but most people don’t realize huskies are affectionate and often show it physically. Let’s take a deep look into how huskies show affection and other aspects of the breed that makes them special to their owners.

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Huskies Show Affection In Many Ways

Although a husky is one of the most independent dog breeds there are, they still show affection where warranted. Here are some behaviors to look for that you may not have otherwise known your husky was being affectionate.

  • A husky will sometimes bite gently down on your hand and hold it in his or her mouth as a sign of affection.
  • Another way your husky will show affection is by bringing you a prize. It may be a stick, their favorite toy, or something else they want to share with you.
  • When a husky places themselves in a vulnerable position, they’re showing you that they trust you. Rolling over on their back and showing you their belly is a sure way that they are showing you trust and affection.


There are many ways that huskies show affection to their humans. If you think your husky is getting too physical, just remember that this is their way of showing love for you.

How Do You Create a Bond with Your Husky?

If you own a husky, then you know huskies can be an independent breed. This does not mean that they’re incapable of bonding with you.

There are some steps you can take to help strengthen your bond.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to do this.

Creating the Bond

The first step in creating a bond with your husky is to make sure they understand that they are part of your pack. Canines don’t quite think in the same terms as humans. To them, you may look different, but their instinct to be part of a family pack includes you making sure they feel welcomed.

Create an atmosphere when they are young to make them feel like part of the family.

You can do this by:

  • Spending time together: Spending time with your husky is one of the best ways to grow a tighter bond. If you place your husky into the backyard with little attention, they will certainly never bond with you in any manner.
  • Remember who’s in charge: You. You’re in charge. Canines have always looked to the pack’s alpha for direction and to promote boundaries. If you do not reinforce boundaries and good behavior, your husky will likely not consider you with respect as the alpha. To create a better bond, make sure your pup understands that you are in charge.
  • Show Affection: We have been thoroughly discussing how your husky shows affection, but in reality, this starts with you. If you do not show them any love and affection, you cannot possibly expect it in return. Playing with them goes a long way, but allowing them to be close to you and showing them that you are there to keep them safe will grow the bond between you even more.

Creating a bond with your husky is not difficult. It only takes time out of each day to spend with them. Once they have your trust, think of you as part of the pack, and understand that you are in charge, your bond will approach indestructability. 

How Do You Keep a Husky Active and Healthy?

Keeping your husky active is important to their long-term health. After bonding with your dog, you must continue to do things to keep them healthy with exercise. Taking your husky to a local park is a great way to boost their activity levels or even a simple walk around the neighborhood.

Give Your Husky Toys

When you are home, it is much easier to pay attention to your husky. Most humans work and/or have other responsibilities that keep you away from the house.

For these times, it is good to have things to keep your husky occupied and busy while you are gone. Dog toys and obstacles for them to play on are some of the best ways to keep them busy when they get bored.

Give Your Husky a Companion

What is better than having a husky?

Owning two huskies.

Somewhat kidding here. This gives me massive anxiety. I can barely handle one husky sister.

I digress.

Any other type of high energy animal for your husky to play with is a good bet. By giving them a companion, they will stay active during playtime with a friend.

This is especially true if there are times you will not be home. Since huskies are used to being active, even becoming a bit bored and lying around will cause them to gain weight. Having another animal to play with can help keep them from becoming bored and depressed.

Make Sure Your Husky Has Room to Run

There may not be another breed that loves to run as much as a husky. If you have them closed off inside of a small yard, make sure you take them somewhere occasionally to run in an open area.

Huskies thrive when raised in an area that gives them plenty of room to play. If you live in an apartment or somewhere your husky cannot run free, you will need to take the time to work in “husky running field trips” on a near daily basis.

Go For a Skateboard Pull

One of the best exercises you can do to keep your husky in shape and to help bond with you is to let them pull you on a skateboard.

Disclaimer: My human parents tried this with Callie once. Just once. My human mom ended up in a bush.


Their bred instinct to be a working dog like their sled-pulling ancestors will also create a fun time for the two of you.

Supplies needed for impending skinned knees: a skateboard, a helmet, a leash, a husky, and a first aid kit.


Although independent animals, huskies can be very affectionate.

They will show their affection by being physical with their owner and wanting to spend time with them. When raising your husky, there are steps you can take to make the bonding process more seamless.

Spending time with your husky and bonding through physical activity is a strong motivation for affectionate behavior. Just don’t forget, even after bonding, you should continue the physical activities with your husky to keep them healthy and happy pups.

Oh, and always, humans, continue to Live, Love, Laugh, and Scratch our Bellies often.

Love you guys,


P.S. If you’re new to this world, you may want to check out my Ultimate Guide for First Time Dog Parents. It’s a great reference to get you started on this journey.

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