Can Dogs Have Gatorade? All Your Questions Answered

Just like with human beings, mild dehydration in dogs is a fairly common phenomenon. When pet parents notice these signs of dehydration in their dogs, many often consider giving them human drinks. One recourse is a sports drink like Gatorade. But can dogs have Gatorade?

While it’s certainly true that many of the common ingredients in drinks like these can help balance electrolyte levels in humans, it’s not ideal to assume that it automatically has the same effect on canine dehydration.

The main reason for this is that the components of Gatorade are 100 percent human-grade ingredients. And, as the actions of these elements on your canine companion are yet to be fully studied and understood, you have to tread carefully here.

So, if you’re thinking of feeding these electrolyte drinks to your pet under any circumstance, below are a few things to keep in mind first.

A Brief History of Gatorade

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Gatorade is a non-carbonated drink that’s designed to restore the volume of fluids and electrolytes in the human body after a strenuous physical activity level like exercising. It balances the loss of electrolytes by supplying the body with high sugar content and sodium.

This drink was primarily developed at the University of Florida because a large number of students were complaining about feeling sick during their exercise regimes.

Further study into this situation revealed that these individuals were simply suffering from massive fluid losses as they were expelling large amounts of electrolytes through their sweat. Also, these athletes were burning up carbohydrates quickly.

The introduction of this drink helped and didn’t make the condition worse as it supplied the body with carbohydrates, electrolytes, and other essential minerals.

In cases of a mild bout of diarrhea and infrequent attacks of vomiting, this non-caffeinated drink has been used to ensure that an electrolyte balance is maintained in the body.

Following the aftermath of this drink’s success, many Gatorade-type drinks have entered the market as well.

Can Dogs Have Gatorade?

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Yes, dogs can have Gatorade. But this drink should be used to treat bouts of dehydration if a veterinary care expert has been consulted and its administration has been duly approved.

Also, even after permission has been granted, pet parents should only give this drink to their dogs in small quantities, taking the pounds of body weight of the pooch into consideration. Also, this drink should only be given for a short period of time.

Except for a few, rare cases, your dog will usually be fine as long as they have access to lots of water. It’s only in the absence of plenty of water or a clean, proper water supply that the administration of Gatorade should be seriously considered.

Gatorade should never be used as a replacement for seeking veterinary treatment for your dog if they’re battling persistent vomiting, severe vomiting, bloody diarrhea, or other serious health issues.

Sure, this drink might provide your dog with some vital minerals. But once things have gotten to a certain point, just like with feeding amounts of Pedialyte to dogs, giving your pet Gatorade will do little, if any good at all.

How Safe is Giving Gatorade to Dogs: How Safe Is It?

When given in small amounts and on a bland diet, Gatorade offers most of the same benefits it extends to humans to canines. That is, it helps replenish their bodily fluids, restore their electrolyte balance, and provide some ease in the case of mild bouts of diarrhea.

But it’s vital to remember that Gatorade contains more than a bit of sugar and sucrose. In addition to this, this sports drink also has very high levels of sodium. Each of these elements is potentially harmful to your pet.

So as not to make the canine condition worse or plant the seeds for a long-term illness, it’s recommended that you use this bottled electrolyte water sparingly.

Typically, you only need to ensure that your dog’s water bowl has large amounts of water readily available. Clean tap water is more than sufficient to rehydrate your canine companion over time.

But if you must give your furry buddy this drink to battle canine dehydration, ensure that the quantity is carefully measured. Also, make sure that you don’t give them the drink too often.

As they can’t properly process the additional ingredients in the sports drink, your dog could develop water retention, swelling, heart disease, high blood pressure issues, chronic kidney disease, or several other health issues.

The Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Dog Gatorade

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Where access to water is a concern or your vet doctor has recommended giving this to your pet to alleviate a dehydration canine issue, you must be deliberate with your actions.

Here’s all you need to know to do this successfully.

Administering Gatorade

Unless told otherwise by your personal vet doctor, we recommend you watch the amounts of sports drinks you give to your furry companion closely.

Can dogs have Gatorade?

Yes, they can. But, in this instance, less is more.

We suggest you give your dog 2 mL of this solution per pound of body weight. Now, you can choose to give your pet the sports drink undiluted. But your dog might be more willing to take the substance when it’s mixed with clean water.

If you’ll be mixing, ensure the volume of water you add is equal to the volume of the Gatorade.

Frequency of Administration

Like with all Gatorade-type drinks, the frequency of application employed here is highly critical.

Recall that this electrolyte is neither approved by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center nor the National Animal Supplement Council.

Looking at the fact that there’s no rulebook to follow here and that the body composition of your dog can’t metabolize all the elements of this drink effectively, caution becomes necessary.

To that end, we suggest that you don’t make a habit of giving your pet this drink daily. After all, just because a little of this drink can restore electrolyte balance and boost energy levels doesn’t mean that more will produce equally desirable results. Instead, moderate the quantity that your dog takes using the recommendations of your vet.

Don’t forget that too much of this substance can lead to undesirable conditions in your dog like high blood sugar levels, abnormal heart rhythm, irregular heart rate, and kidney failure, among others.

Viable Alternatives

Gatorade isn’t the only drink you can rely on if you want to combat signs of dehydration and vomiting in your furry friend. One of the best homemade all-natural care products that vets are recommending to better manage any sign of dehydration and diarrhea in canines is rice water.

All you need to do is boil a cup of rice in four cups of water for 30 minutes. After this, decant the solution, let it cool, and then give it to your little pooch.

Alternatively, you could offer water, the all-in-one product that canines have relied on for centuries. If need be, your vet could recommend a supplement you could add to the mix to get even better results faster.


Can dogs have Gatorade?

Yes, they can. But only if you’ve discussed this with your vet and ensure to give it to them in small amounts at well-spaced intervals.

If after giving them this energy drink all symptoms persist, make sure you visit the nearest emergency vet center before the situation gets any worse.

See this for more on caring for your furry friend!

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