Can a Dog Get a Cat Pregnant? Here Is the Answer You’re Looking For

Cats and dogs are some of the most popular pet options around the world. These animals make great companions and offer significant benefits to their owners. Owners with both of these pets may have concerns about the risks of impregnation. But can a dog get a cat pregnant?

In this blog post, we will explore this question further and look at whether or not a dog can impregnate a cat. We will also look at some signs that your cat might be pregnant. Keep reading to learn more.

Can A Dog Get A Car Pregnant?

dog and cat

The DNA of cats and dogs is quite different. Dogs and cats are two separate species. That means they cannot procreate. Because sperm and egg cells are highly selective, only sperm cells from the same species can enter an egg cell.

As a result, cats are unable to become pregnant from a dog. Because their chromosomes do not match, dogs cannot also become pregnant through mating with a cat.

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Mounts Your Cat?

There may be a variety of explanations for your dog mounting the cat. Some of the causes include:

  • Being dominant
  • Being playful
  • A sign of stress
  • Masturbation

They might act this way to demonstrate their power. Aggressive dogs are more prone to mounting other creatures. These same dogs also exhibit aggression toward humans.

Some dogs may playfully mount cats as well as other animals when they are bored. This is occasionally mistaken for mating or other types of sexual activity since it might lead to an erection.

What Cat Hybrids Exist?


bengal cat

Asian leopard cats and domestic cats were cross-bred to create the hybrid known as the Bengal cat. Because these cats come from separate genera, this is an intergeneric hybrid.

The Bengal cat is a domesticated animal, whereas the Asian leopard cat is a wild cat. Bengal cats still possess a wild cat’s agility and stamina despite being domesticated.

Additionally, they feature patches that resemble those on the fur of Asian leopard cats. These cats are still friendly and lively around people. Bengal cats often range in size from medium to giant. They are intelligent, attentive, and active.


chausie cat

Chausies are the result of domestic cats and jungle cats mating. This hybridization is interspecific. Despite being separate species, domestic cats and jungle cats are members of the same genus.

Chausies are vivacious, athletic, outdoorsy, and skilled hunters. They resemble mountain lions and are often quite huge. Chausies are brave, but they are not typically hostile.

They are also fun and trainable and are likely to develop a bond with their owners over time. The majority of Chausies are healthy; however, they are susceptible to dietary allergies.

Savannah Cat

savannah cat

Another hybrid created by crossing a serval and a domestic cat is the Savannah cat. Because domestic cats and servals are members of different genera, this hybridization is intergeneric.

It is not unexpected that Savannah cats have a strong instinct for hunting because servals are wild cats. Savannah cats get along with both dogs and other cats. 

However, if you have any little pets, such as birds or fish, they might hunt them. Savannah cats have similar colors and markings to servals, giving them a similar appearance.

What Dog Hybrids Exist?


can a dog get a cat pregnant

Coydogs are dogs crossed with coyotes. Given that both creatures are members of the Canis genus, they have a great deal in common genetically.

Their ability to produce live offspring is not surprising. Coydogs are hard to come across, partly because dogs and coyotes have different breeding cycles.

Because of this distinction, dogs and coyotes rarely mate. However, some dog breeds that go into heat twice a year can potentially mate.


can a dog get a cat pregnant

Golden jackals and dogs can interbreed to create the jackal-dog hybrid. This hybrid has frequently been spotted in caged animals. 

Jackals have enhanced sensory organs. This enhanced sense of smell is also seen in jackal-dog hybrids. However, given that they have jackal features, they could also be challenging to train.


can a dog get a cat pregnant

A wolfdog is a hybrid created when wolves and domestic dogs breed. Any domestic dog and a gray wolf, red wolf, or Ethiopian wolf can breed. It is not surprising that wolves and domestic dogs can effectively interbreed as they both are part of the same genus.

Their genetic distance is not too far. Wolves and dogs are hybrids. Hence, wolfdogs have characteristics of both species.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant

If you are wondering whether a dog can get a cat pregnant, chances are high that you think your cat is pregnant. But how can you be sure? While there is no chance the dog is the father, here are some cat pregnancy symptoms to look out for:

Fluctuation in heat cycles

A cat’s average cycle lasts between 10 and 14 days. Your female cat will likely show more affection, mark her territory often, brush herself more regularly, meow louder than usual, and lose her appetite throughout heat cycles. However, if your cat’s heat cycle abruptly ends, she’s probably pregnant.

Weight gain

Pregnant female cats often put on two to four pounds of body weight, even without adding the portion of canned foods they consume. Keep an eye out for any weight gain in your pet.

Change in the appearance of nipples

If your cat is pregnant, you will notice a shift in how her nipples look. The nipples are often enlarged and more rosy than usual.

Swollen abdomen

pregnant cat

You will also see your cat’s belly swelling midway through the gestation period. An enlarged stomach could be a sign that your pet is pregnant. The swelling will begin at around five weeks into the gestation period and last until delivery.


Your cat may experience what you could call morning sickness, just like humans. Vomiting might be a precursor to pregnancy.

Increased appetite

A female cat will be eating for two while she is pregnant. When a cat is pregnant, you will see that she eats more. Changes in eating patterns are a telltale symptom of pregnancy in cats.

Nesting behavior

Your pet will search for peaceful, isolated areas to give birth to kittens as she gets ready to bring her litter into the world. If other animals intrude on her territory, you might also observe her being more possessive toward them in preparation for delivery.

Changing nap habits

During pregnancy, your cat will nap more frequently. Your cat may be pregnant if you observe that she sleeps more frequently during the day.

More solitary

In the early stages of your cat’s pregnancy, heightened affection is a typical symptom. However, in the later stages of the pregnancy, you may see that your cat is more reclusive in preparation for delivery. 

This often happens the week before delivery — when your cat is likely to conceal or isolate herself in her nesting space. Occasionally, cats bypass this stage and stay close and cuddly with their owners.


Your cat may exhibit restlessness 24 to 48 hours before giving birth to kittens. The indicators of discomfort encompass pacing around, hanging close to her nest, and other behaviors.


Which crossbreed dog is the most popular?

Since mixed breeds are not as closely monitored as purebreds, it’s difficult to say. Neither shelters nor rescues always appropriately label mixed-breed animals.

But nowadays, poodle hybrids are among the most popular, as seen by Labradoodles, Cockapoos, Goldendoodles, and other varieties. Lab, pit bull, and chihuahua mixes are also popular.

Can a dog get a cat pregnant?

Even though it may appear that they are attempting to mate, cats and dogs cannot do so. They are unable to have viable progeny due to their unique DNA, breeding habits, and heat cycles.

Animals with comparable DNA, like lions and tigers, can mate to produce hybrid species. Cats and dogs, on the other hand, have too many genetic differences that prevent them from mating successfully.


So can a dog get a cat pregnant? No. As we have seen in this article, cats and dogs have quite different genetic makeups. They do not share a common genus, species, or family. This knowledge eliminates the possibility of a cat becoming pregnant by a dog.

However, this does not mean that these animals cannot mate with other kinds of animals to create hybrids. It depends on the genetic makeup of the animals involved. If you were worried that your dog may have impregnated your cat, know that it is not the case.

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